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At Mission Fit Camp, you and your fellow Fit Campers will start and finish the program together as a team. This ensures a higher quality experience for everyone involved and evokes a higher level of commitment to your health and fitness goals.

Although everyone will enroll at different baseline levels of fitness, you will learn the exercises together, build upon them and then progress on without leaving anyone behind. Week 1 is the most basic as we learn proper form, technique and fundamental movement patterns.  Week by week the program gets more advanced so by week 4, you are well prepared and conditioned for our most difficult workouts.

You are committing to four weeks of a healthier lifestyle. An earlier bed time, a leaner diet, a passion for realizing your potential... and you aren't doing it alone. Every morning the same faces will greet you, ready to give it their all, and you'll find a motivating energy in each other.

It is the "camp" component missing from most boot camps in San Diego - and it's what we do best.

Express Circuit + Stretch Fridays.

On Fridays at Mission Fit Camp, we offer 2 different classes, that are complimentary to one another! From 6:30-7am participants will complete a self-led "express circuit" workout guided by Christy. Expect short cardio intervals mixed with intense strength training at your own pace. Stay for a relaxing stretch class from 7-7:30 am to help you recover from a week of soreness and prevent injury for weeks to come. Take one or both classes for one class credit!


Full Body + Fitness Games Saturday

On Saturday, join Trainer Christy at 9 am at Pioneer Park for a fun full body workout with fitness games as your cardio. You can expect team challenges, relay races, memory games, agility courses and more fun ways kick off your weekend smiling and sweaty. 






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